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Published: 2008-11-27
Updated: 2010-12-19
Author: Jaeden Amero

I desire to bring nübs together and lift them from their flounderings in muddy puddles of newbdom, strap them to orange spaceships (not alien ones), and launch them into the Nintendo DS homebrew community. A forum dedicated to doing this is the most effective method.

I often get email from readers of my Introduction to Nintendo DS Programming manual. A lot of interesting questions are asked, and a lot of interesting answers are given. Sometimes the same question is asked numerous times. While I view this as a shortcoming of my manual, and use all email I receive (pertaining to the manual) as a means to improve the manual, it takes me a while to get a new version of the manual out into the open.

A forum dedicated to the cutting edge of user problems particular to my manual will be a benefit to the Nintendo DS homebrew community. I’ll be monitoring the forum constantly to ensure that it is responsive enough to meet the knowledge needs of the now for all readers of the manual.

When you have a question about anything in the manual, I’m sure that many others too shy to ask have the same question. I want all to benefit from the question and answer exchange.

A forum is less personal and private than email, but the questions and answers exchanged will benefit all, and not just the parties involved in the email. In order to benefit other users who may be too shy to send an email my way, I’ve decided to create the a forum dedicated to Introduction to Nintendo DS Programming.

If you are having trouble with something in the manual, need some more guidance on getting started, are sick of grit acting funny, have suggestions to improve the manual, or anything else relevant, please post. Let knowledge flow more freely among more people.