Dhrystone for 68k Macintosh

Published: 2012-02-22
Updated: 2012-02-22
Author: Jaeden Amero

Dhrystone 68k Icon

Some guy named Landon Rodgers asked me to build the Dhrystone benchmarker for 68k Macintosh, so I did. I built it with THINK C 5, using 4-byte ints (instead of the default 2-byte ones), and without global optimizations. I had to modify the source a little bit to get it to build and run properly. (The source code and project file is included in the download.)

Dhrystone running on a 68k Macintosh with 40000 runs entered

When the application starts, it will ask you to enter a number of runs. You should select a fairly large value here. The faster the computer you have, the larger this value should be. The more accurate measurement you want, the larger this value should be. On a Macintosh Plus, it doesn't take too long to get through 20000 runs. On a faster computer, that same number of runs would happen too quickly relative to the resolution of the system clock, so a larger value should be used. The application will tell you when you have selected too small of a value.

Dhrystone running on a 68k Macintosh with 40000 runs completed

After the runs have been completed, you'll either be asked to enter a larger number of runs or you'll be presented with the benchmark results.

I hope you find this program to be fun, if not somewhat useful.

The source code license of Dhrystone 68k is the same as Dhrystone C 2.1, which I was told is in the public domain.


Download Dhrystone for 68k Macintosh