Building a Dual Floppy Mac Portable - Part 1

Published: 2010-03-28
Updated: 2011-02-04
Author: Jaeden Amero

As this Conner hard drive I have seems very noisy and about to die, I'd like to try building a dual floppy Macintosh Portable. I have never owned a dual floppy Macintosh, but I think it would be very nice. I love the sounds that the Sony floppy drives make. To have two of them going at the same time would be aurally delicious, aside from being useful.


I have two Macintosh Portable floppy drives with lower deck brackets. I don't know what the upper deck floppy bracket looks like. I can mount the floppy drive I have into the upper deck hard drive bracket, but it leaves the top of the floppy drive unshielded and exposed. I also need very long floppy drive mounting screws, as the floppy drive is a little less wide than the hard drive.

Two Drives

Floppy in HD Bracket

Even after I do get the mounting issues solved, there will be the problem of being able to insert floppy disks into the drive. The removable plastic face plates I have are from hard drive Macintosh Portables, so they don't have a slot for floppy disk insertion. It has been recommended that I use a steel template and a rotary Dremel in order to add a slot to one of my face plates, but I don't have a model to base my cut on. Where I do the cut might stray from the model, depending on where the floppy drive ends up after my upper deck mounting job.

Detachable Faceplate

So, in summary, I humbly request assistance from the my readers in procuring pictures of the original dual floppy Macintosh Portable face plate and the upper deck floppy drive bracket. Any help or advice is much appreciated.