Day 10


	Yep, Looping. This is most similar to a FOR loop in High Level Languages.

The LOOP Instruction

The LOOP instruction works like so: mov cx,200 ; note that without 'h' that 200 is a decimal value (base 10). AdditionLoop: add ax,3 loop AdditionLoop ; will add 3 to AX, 200 times. Each time LOOP is executed, CX is decremented and if it's not zero, the label specified is jumped to.

DEC and INC Instructions

Now would be a great time to tell you about DEC and INC. DEC subtracts 1 from a register or memory location and INC adds 1. Examples: inc ax ; AX++; or AX = AX + 1; dec dx ; DX--; or DX = DX - 1; var dw 0 dec var ; should work, I think. var--; or var = var - 1;

This Day In Review

I'm running out of easy instructions. Look for output oriented stuff soon! Happy coding!, -GbaGuy
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