Day 20

Writing Files

	See Day 19 for the note that I want to make, the same thing applies here.

Opening and Writing a File

Before we can read anything, we need to open it first: jmp start filename db 'elmo.txt',0 handle dw 0 ; will be the file handle. the number that DOS assigns to the open file. len db 255 ; we need an input buffer this time. act db 0 buffer db 255 DUP 0 start: mov ah,3Dh ; 3Dh of DOS Services opens a file. mov al,1 ; 0 - for reading. 1 - for writing. 2 - both mov dx,offset filename ; make a pointer to the filename int 21h ; call DOS mov handle,ax ; Function 3Dh returns the file handle in AX, here we save it for later use. Get input: mov ah,0Ah mov dx,offset len int 21h DOS Service Function number 40h writes to a file. mov ah,40h mov bx,offset act ; pointer to number of bytes read from user. mov cl,byte [bx] ; get the contents of the byte at the pointer. ; note that even though CX takes the length, CL physically IS the low byte of CX. mov dx,offset buffer ; pointer to the actual data in DX. mov bx,handle ; BX needs the file handle. int 21h ; call DOS Now we can just exit, because we've accomplished our mission: mov ah,4Ch int 21h ; Function 4Ch (Exit Program) It looks like a lot like that, but don't forget that you can make your own subroutines and CALL them.

This Day In Review

You can probably tell I used the previous Day's file as a template for this, but oh well! Happy files!, - GbaGuy
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