Table of Contents

In August of 2004 (which it is at time of writting), I finally got around to start rewritting the GBA ASM Tutorials. These probably won't be as friendly to the total stranger to ASM, but they'll (hopefully) be alot better at showing how to use ASM effectively. These will also move slower. Sprites was Day 5 before, this time, in Chapter 5 we've only got to overviewing the gfx modes. This time around it is required that you know C or C++ and have been programming the GBA for a while. If you still want to read the old version, go here.

These are a work in progress, any of these are subject to change.

Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - The Compiler
Chapter 3 - Some ARM Instructions
Chapter 4 - Dissecting our First Program
Chapter 5 - The Gfx System
Chapter 6 - More Instructions
Chapter 7 - Multiplication
Chapter 8 - The BIOS
Chapter 9 - Thumb

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