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Microsoft Microsoft's web site
Nintendo Nintendo's web site
x86 Resources Intel's web site Best Win32ASM Tutorials
GBA Resources - The hub of activity for GBA programming. The Pern Project - All my asm tutorial's assume you know this stuff. Arm's web site - Maker's of the GBA's CPU.
NES Resources NESDEV - The hub of activity for NES programming.
SNES Resources NESDEV - Check the links on NESDEV in the SNES section.
N64 Resources Dextrose - Not much, but yes, it's the hub for the N64. Halley's Comet Software - This guy's great! The author of an NES emu for the N64, completely written in ASM. Check out his assembler package.
Sega Genesis Resources Sega Programming Network - Has what is supposed to be a Genesis ASM Tutorial, but it seems that the author has too many personal problems to update it often...
Tutorial Translations Dark Schneider Translations - NES ASM -> Italian. (Anyone sees other translations, send them in, I'll list them here) (If you want to do a translation, feel free to, condition is adding a "Originally by Mike H aka GbaGuy") (Please email me your link as well for inclusion here.)
Other Zophar's Domain - Da Best emulation news site. Check out the Tech Docs section. Hyde's Projects - Website of one top-notch programmer! Check out his site. Cearn Space - A (mostly) GBA related page containing a tutorial. He tried tell me about errors in the tuts, but I was unable to get around to answering him. Another top-notch programmer. Check out his GBA tutorials! CloneGB - A GameBoy emulator project coded by TeamZ, zAe, and myself.

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