Programs by GbaGuy

	These programs are by me. If other people contributed and/or wrote
considerable parts of the program (or if I contributed and didn't write the
whole thing, etc.), they are mentioned. Everyone gets credit due here. If
you helped on one of these, or if I helped you on one of these and you think
you deserve credit, email me (front page has the email address).

Some of the programs may have names that start with Itchy... this is a crappy
joke I stuck with for some time that meant that the program was "from scratch".
Get it "Itchy"... "from SCRATCH". Whatever. Stupid. I know. Ignore it...


APCheckers - My final project for AP Comp Sci class.


ItchyIRC - An IRC client. ItchyJava - An incomplete (but will run some programs) Java VM that I wrote a while back just to see if I could do it.
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