LC III Restoration

Published: 2010-03-07
Updated: 2011-02-02
Author: Jaeden Amero


Here is my latest restoration, my first one in a while. It turned out to be a pretty easy one. The computer was missing a hard drive and only had on-board memory. I couldn't find my floppy disk stash, so I recovered the computer without any floppy disks; I was very happy to have an AppleCD 600e drive to help out. The LC III now has 36 MB RAM and a 40MB SCSI HD with System 7.5.3. Don't you wish modern computers had as much RAM as hard disk space? Well, maybe you don't care about modern computers at all.

I'd like to put a IIe card into the LC III, but I haven't found any for sale that come with the cable.

My next project is restoring a SimasiMac SE/30. I haven't opened the case yet, but the machine looks to be in pretty bad shape. It will be quite an adventure.

The Macintosh SE/30 displaying the simasimac symptoms.