A Naked and Nasty Macintosh Portable - Part 1

Published: 2010-Mar-12, Updated: 2011-Feb-04

I took apart my Macintosh Portable this evening to make a count of the different capacitors I'll be needing to replace as part of the standard "holy crap this is old I need to replace the caps" operation. I updated the capacitor replacement wiki page on 68kmla.org with my findings. To my surprise, I discovered that this Macintosh Portable has the nastiest case of electrolytic corrosion I've ever seen on a logic board. I know some of my readers want to know what leaking electrolyte's effects look like; and boy do I have a treat for them.

Naked Pics

Macintosh Portable Logic Board Macintosh Portable Logic Board 2

Nasty Pics

Macintosh Portable Capacitor Corrosion 1 Macintosh Portable Capacitor Corrosion 2 Macintosh Portable Capacitor Corrosion 3