Day 9

Logical Operations

	These are bit logical operations (AND,OR,XOR,NOT).

The Info

If you don't know what AND,OR,XOR,and NOT do as logical bit operations, go find a good C book. But don't worry, I'll explain them anyway. AND,OR,XOR all work like the following: (using AND as an example): and bx,6 ; BX = BX & 6; NOT works somewhat differently: not ax ; will reverse all the bits in AX. The explanations: AND: 10100101 00001111 ; a 1 and a 1 is a 1 otherwise 0. -------- 00000101 OR: 10100101 11001100 ; if either one is 1 then 1, if neither is 1 then 0. -------- 11101101 XOR: 10100101 00110011 ; one or the other 1, if both or neither are 1 then 0. -------- 10010110 NOT: 10101111 -------- ; flips all the bits 01010000 Simple!


So that this "day" isn't humilitatingly short, here's the rotate instructions: ROL,and ROR. ROL stands for ROtate Left, and ROR stands for ROtate Right. These instructions work like shifts, except that every time, the bit that falls off the end is the bit put onto the beginning. So that a: rol dx,16 ; will make DX stay the same ror ax,16 ; will make AX stay the same ror bl,8 ; will make BL stay the same You can probably use CL the same way you did for the shifts.

This Day In Review

If I can't think of anything else I'll defer to graphics! Until Next Time!, - Mike H a.k.a GbaGuy
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