Review Day 17

Where this is headed.

	First of all, this is not (hopefully) an "End Of Tutorial" speech, more of a
"What's to come" speech. Now that there are 16 sections to the tutorial, I hope I can
say that I've so called "Covered the Basics". You now know most (to all) of what you
need to make a fairly complicated demo or even a small game. I realize that some of
the Days aren't too good, such as Day 10's Timer code being broken (I almost have
it working) and Day 6 not actually explaining the complicated equations for sound or
the Sprite and Background rotation code just using a pre-calculated rotation 
value (i.e. not calculating COS and SIN on the fly). Now that I've convinced you
that these tutorials suck, I figure I gotta think about what should happen now.

	I'd like to thank all the people who email me with questions and corrections for
helping to... well, correct my mistakes. 

	As to what's going to come next... I don't think anything will get a major rewrite.
Just corrections as mistakes and bugs are found. The rest of the Days will discuss more
difficult things, and may even just create a single routine (such as COS or SIN maybe) or
a discussion of the BIOS which is what I tentively have planned for the next few (2) days.
Other things we might discuss is BG/Sprite Collisions or Graphics Algorithms for Mode 3.
I don't think I've really missed any of the GBA's basic abilities other than direct sound
which I haven't been able to do (not even in C). I thought Day 8 (DMA) went rather well.

	Lastly, I'd like to thank GBADev.ORG, SimonB
and krom for putting up with the sometimes day-by-day release of new Days and annoucing
them for me on GBADev.

	On to the BIOS!

Intro - Day 18

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