GBA ASM Tutorials

This tutorial is about coding for the Gameboy Advance using the Goldroad Assembler. The tutorial is designed to somewhat mirror the C coding tutorial at The Pern Project as much as possible. It is similiar to the above mentioned C tutorial, except that this is the way to get down and dirty with the actual assembly code. THIS TUTORIAL DOES ASSUME YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH GBA CODING IN C Day 1 - Figuring Out the Assembler Day 2 - Intro To ARM Assembly Day 3 - More Assembly And Putting A Pic On The Screen Day 4 - Checking for Key Presses Day 5 - Getting A Sprite On The Screen Day 6 - Simple Sound Effects Day 7 - All About Macros Day 8 - Loading Data With DMA Day 9 - A Simple Background Day 10 - Interrupts And Timers Day 11 - Variables And Work RAM Day 12 - The BL Instruction Day 13 - Sprite Effects! Day 14 - Background Effects! Day 15 - Background Scrolling Day 16 - Bit Masking/Toggling Day 17 - Review Day 17 - Please Read! Day 18 - About The BIOS Day 19 - The SWI Instruction Day 20 - Using Divide And Sqrt Day 21 - LDRH And STRH Day 22 - Saving And 0xE000000 Day 23 - Using AS Day 24 - Compiling With C

Game Programming Tasks

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Gfx Algorithms For Mode 3

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