Day 22 - Saving And 0xE000000


	Well... I figured I might as well do something about this as many people
have been asking the question around the 'net. Today we are going to see how to
put something into the save memory of the cart.

The LDRB/STRB Instructions

These instructions load or store a byte to/from memory and are needed to be able to read/write from save ram (SRAM). They work just like any other loads or stores. Save RAM is at 0xE000000. All you have to do is write to any address from 0xE000000 to 0xE00FFFF (which is 64kb of save memory) with the STRB instruction. To read from SRAM, use the LDRB instruction. simple! Reading the first byte of SRAM: ldr r1,=0xE000000 ldrb r1,[r1] Writting the first byte of SRAM: ldr r1,=0xE000000 ldr r2,=0xFF ; we are going to write 0xFF to SRAM ; note that we still, most likely, will use a normal LDR to load the register ; with a number strb r2,[r1] Hope that helps anyone having trouble with SRAM. Which I hope isn't the case as it is very easy to use. (thanks N!)

Day In Review

If anyone would like to write something, let me know via email. With saving as easy as it is, it's surprising that a lot of games still use a password system... Greetings, - Mike H
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