Day 20 - Using Divide And Sqrt


	Let's get straight to the point shall we? Here's some commented code:

	lda r0,=20  ; r0 = 20
	lda r1,=5   ; r1 = 5
	swi 0x60000  ; r0 = r0/r1
		     ; Also:
		     ; r1 = r0 Mod (%) r1
		     ; r2 = Abs(r0/r1)

Here's a small code file, assemble and run it:

;;--- CODE START ---;;

; we don't need any headers since we aren't going
; to make any pretty output or use any defines

@textarea 0x3000000
g @dcd 0  ; a 32bit "variable" called g.

lda r0,=20  ; these lines of
lda r1,=5   ; code divide 20
swi 0x60000 ; by 5.

lda r3,=g  ; load r3 with address of g.
sta r0,[r3] ; store result of division (should be 4
	   ; in g which is at 0x3000000.

infin  ; infinite loop
b infin 

;;--- END OF CODE ---;;

Assemble and Run in VisualBoy Advance. Open the Memory Viewer and goto "0x3000000 - IRAM".
You should see a '4' in the first 32bits at 0x3000000. 20/5 = 4, happy now?


Sqrt stands for SQuare RooT if you didn't know, ;). Sqrt is function number 8. So to modify the previous code file to use Square Root, do three things: 1) Change it so it load r0 with 81. 2) Either comment "lda r1,=5" out or leave it, it doesn't matter as r1 isn't used as input to Square Root. 3) Change "swi 0x60000" to "swi 0x80000" Test it using the same method that I described ealier.

Day In Review

Using Divide and Sqrt are rather important as there isn't any actual Divide or Sqrt instruction. Go Code!, -Mike H a.k.a GbaGuy
Intro - Day 21

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