A screenshot of qso-generator.rkt running the sample programs

A Random QSO Generator


Existing Koch-method Morse code training software waits until all symbols are learned before giving a Morse code student practice with Morse code conversations (known QSOs in amateur radio parlance). The point of this program is to generate random QSOs given a subset of symbols, so that the student can gain practice with the QSO format even before they know all the Morse code symbols.

Orange Spaceship flying over code

Introduction to Nintendo DS Programming is Now on GitHub


After all these years, I finally got around to releasing the manuscript.

Composing music with Pokia



Ever spend like 10 minutes entering a ring tone into your phone just to press play and hear it sound like garbage? I've got just the tool for you, baby.

Conway's Game of Life Rendered with the GPU

Conway's Game of Life on the GPU


John Horton Conway devised this game in 1970. He played with it using chalkboards, checkers, or poker chips. Little did he know that we'd now be playing with it on our GPUs inside of hypertext browsers.

Cache Control Icon

Cache Control


Are you sick of the cache included with your old Macintosh? Probably not, but if so, you can disable it with this nice utility.

Dhrystone 68k Icon

Dhrystone for 68k Macintosh


Benchmark the integer performance of your amazingly powerful Macintosh Plus.

Simasimac SE/30

68K Adventures


Come check out what I've done with some crazy old junk!

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My books, let me show you them.

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The Links are Back


The world's best Nintendo DS links are back and they are the same as ever!

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Version 6.1 of Introduction to Nintendo DS Programming


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New devkitARM toolchain. New Introduction to Nintendo DS Programming underway.


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Patater Forums


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Apologies and the Future